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up and running.

Up And Running is a concept we have created to motivate people to literally get 'Up And Running' for a purpose! Whether it be for your own physical and mental wellbeing, or to support and raise awareness for a cause close to your heart. To help keep you inspired and motivated we have created a network to support you along the way.

Up And Running Plan ($20)


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UAR Plans


It's true what they say that a goal without a plan is just a wish... so write it down and let us know what your goal is.



Find a greater purpose, set a goal event and support and raise funds for a good cause whilst you get moving.



There is nothing better for your motivation than support. Join our community to share your story, progress and hear and support others on a similar journey.


get the gear.

Get kitted up and look the part, with options to suit you.


make it happen.

Get training with us with plenty of options on offer with our UAR coaches.


uar plans.

Our 'Up And Running' plans are 12 Week Running and Fitness Plans that is aimed to develop your skills to enable you to reach your potential. Perfect for those who can't make it to our sessions, or anyone looking to do their best at a goal event.


It is also a comprehensive guide to running that is filled with information on many various running related topics. It also focuses strongly on teaching the correct running technique which is a vital part to keeping you injury free and getting the most out of your running. The program literally covers all you need to know to get 'Up And Running' and the results we have seen from those using our program really speak for themselves. 


The book is put together by Jim Owens and Sheree Webber. Jim an athletics coach of 12 years, who created the JORG Running Group and a successful athlete throughout his life. As well as Sheree Webber a personal trainer who has run with Jim's group for the past four years and now runs the JORG Fitness sessions. 



  • Foot types and shoe types

  • Technique tips

  • Methods to track your progress

  • Stride length, cadence & foot strike

  • Explanations of training methods their purposes

  • Information on the energy systems we use for exercise

  • Nutrition and hydration information

  • An illustrated dynamic and static stretching routine

  • Your 12 week Running and Strength and Core program

  • Illustrated exercise instructions

  • FAQs we often hear



Challenge yourself by signing up to an event, then start supporting a greater cause to give purpose to your goal and help raise awareness and funds for those in need. Select your event below, then click 'Join Team' to join us, from there you'll be able to select your own charity and create your fundraising page.

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