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fitness sessions.

JORG Fitness training sessions have been developed to provide an overall fitness program to help improve fitness, health & wellbeing and enjoy the great benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.


Sessions include a variety of cardio, resistance and flexibility exercises using bodyweight and various equipment while utilising the beautiful natural surrounds of Oatley Park, or in our new JORG Fitness studio in Peakhurst. 


We will help you work towards your individual goals and enjoy the benefits of training with our supportive and encouraging group. Our trainers take a personal approach to each client within our sessions making them suitable for all levels of fitness from beginner right through to elite athletes.

We offer a number of different services with group training, one-on-one PT sessions and online coaching so there is something suitable for all.

group sessions

group training.

Together we bring years of experience across many different fields in the health and fitness industry. We have worked with all types of individuals helping them to achieve their individual goals.

We believe the best way to a sustainable change in your lifestyle is by taking a supportive approach to your training. We are very proud to have established a very supportive and motivating group, so you get this not only from your trainers but from one another.

We have established our 10 week programs as we understand the importance of having a goal and a structured program to follow and we have seen through experience that it gives our clients a purpose and the motivation they need to stay on track. 

Our sessions consist of a variety of strength and cardio exercises to ensure you a balance and improvement in all elements of your fitness. We welcome all levels of fitness and take a personalised approach to get clients working to their own personal ability.

one-on-one pt

one-on-one pt.

One-on-one Personal Training is a great option for those just who are looking for a more focused approach, with specialist needs. With our one-on-one PT sessions you will not only get your sessions but your trainer will look at your entire approach giving you nutrition support and a program for what you should be doing outside of your session with them. 

We specialise in a wide range of different areas below:

- General fitness

- Weight loss

- Sport specific

- Strength & Conditioning

- Run Coaching

Check out our trainers and contact one of them to find out more information or get started.

online coaching

online coaching.

Online coaching is available for all of our one-on-one pt services. It's a great option for those who can't make it to us in person, but still want that personalised approach. You will get a weekly program from your trainer, as well as email and phone support and feedback.

Check out our trainers and contact one of them to find out more information or get started.

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