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group training.

JORG Fitness training sessions have been developed to provide an overall fitness program to help improve fitness, health & wellbeing and enjoy the great benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.


Sessions include a variety of cardio, resistance and flexibility exercises using bodyweight and various equipment while utilising the beautiful natural surrounds of Oatley Park, or in our new JORG Fitness studio at Peakhurst. 


We will help you work towards your individual goals and enjoy the benefits of training with our supportive and encouraging group. Our trainers take a personal approach to each client within our sessions making them suitable for all levels of fitness from beginner right through to elite athletes.


Group Sessions
One-on-one PT
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"In 2014 I decided it was time to lose weight, and to improve my fitness and my over-all well-being. Diet alone could not achieve all of this. I needed a program that would encourage a lifestyle change. This is when I was lucky enough to meet Sheree and begin an outdoor exercise program as part of a small, friendly group of people-Jorg Fitness. Since joining Jorg Fitness, I have never felt so happy and comfortable, this being the very first time I have ever participated in any form of group training.

Sheree introduced me to a gradual, balanced approach to fitness which I believe is the key to building the momentum necessary to develop a long term and sustainable commitment to personal fitness.

Sheree takes great care to provide various routines specific to ones abilities and goals whilst building on their strengths, and providing for challenge. I look forward to each and every session I do with Sheree, and that is four mornings per week. I will continue to exercise with Sheree as I thoroughly appreciate her thoughtful approach and expertise- so evident in my personal achievements so far.

The improvement in both my mental and physical well-being are a great testimonial to the ongoing guidance and support I receive from her."

Kelly Brien

"Thanks to my trainer, Sheree Webber from Jorg Fitness, after just 6 months I have become fitter, stronger and more confident and best of all I have lost 12kg in the process.  


Sheree tailors her exercise classes to suit everyone and constantly encourages and supports us the entire time. The classes are varied and fun and I could not have attained my goal without her, she truly inspires!"

Julie Grbevski

I have to admit I was a little nervous about starting Jorg fitness. After surviving cancer last year my fitness levels were extremely low and my muscle strength was practically zero. 

But thanks to my good friends and work colleges Kel, Julie and Luahn, who invited me to a bring a friend fitness class late January this year, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I actually enjoyed exercising. I had attended gyms in the past but what I especially liked was that we exercised outdoor in the fresh air without all the germs of the indoor environment. Sheree was aware of my health issues and started me off slowly, six months ago I struggled to walk around the block and now I’m entering in 5 km fun runs, I was unable to walk up a hill now I’m sprinting them,  I owe this to my wonderful trainer Sheree,


Jorg fitness has not only improved my health, but my entire out look on life.


Thank you Sheree for your constant praise and encouragement you have been a big part of my recovery and I’m extremely grateful.


“What experts suspected has now been proven. As a cancer survivor, exercising with an experienced and understanding trainer could help you live a longer life, free from cancer reoccurrence.“

Christine Lupevski

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