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run sessions.

Led by Jim Owens and his team of coaches and run leaders our programs follow the broad conditioning and training cycles of experienced athletes, with sessions designed to improve your running fitness and have you in your best shape ready for your events.

Our variety of sessions on offer consist of a mixture of tempo runs, reps and interval sessions, easy runs and long endurance runs, with a strong focus on helping you correct your technique along the way. Our structured combination will improve all areas of your running performance. 


"I've always been a little scared of joining a run club, however joining the JORG led City2Surf training sessions put that fear at bay. It was an incredible supportive environment lead by the kind and friendly Sheree and Jimmy. I saw a massive improvement in my running, and not only ran a personal best time on the day but had a great time doing so! It was great to get to know fellow runners in the lead up to the event and the team spirit was both supportive and motivational."

Amity Kruger

"As a beginner runner, signing up to the C2S run club led by JORG was just the best. I learnt so much within the program and couldn't thank Jimmy, Sheree and the JORG pacers enough for their support, knowledge and motivation! They really pushed me to my best. And yep even after injuring myself for 3 weeks, I bounced back and ran the city2surf in a time i never thought i would be able to do. The amount of support received from this amazing group of runners was just awesome. Can't wait for next year"

Tania Oliver

"I'm someone who would always run the city2surf, but would always find running to be a grind, and would struggle to motivate myself to run outside of the city2surf period.I joined the C2S run club led by JORG on a whim, not even knowing whether I would actually like it or not, but what I found was that Jimmy and Sheree really knew what they were doing, were incredibly supportive, and most importantly, were all round legends! Additionally, it was fantastic just to get to know some fellow runners leading up to the event.As a result of all of this, I not only managed to run a new PB this year, but more importantly, also made some new friends and found myself enjoying running so much that I've continued to attend JORG training runs subsequent to the race - thanks guys!"

Rudy Lay

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