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outdoor sessions.


Running/Plyometrics/High Intensity Exercise Based

Focus is improving aerobic and anaerobic systems. This session consists of a combination of high intensity exercise intervals with various running intervals. This session is a great way to improve running speed and fitness and also provides a full body strength and cardio exercise workout. Great to burn calories and get the maximum benefit from your workout.



Resistance Training/Strength/ Cardio

Focus is on improving strength and core through a combination of functional resistance and bodyweight exercises, with a cardio component also. Great way to tone up and strengthen muscles and help with injury prevention and improving functional everyday movement activities.



Boxing combos designed to improve strength and fitness. A mixture strength based and  high intensity (HIIT) boxing combinations and intense cardio exercises to get the most out of your session.



Combination Cardio & Strength Full Body Workout

A mixture of strength and cardio exercises to give you a challenging session and a full body workout. This session is sure to give you a super challenging workout where we get you pushing yourself on the various stairs, hills, sand and environment Oatley Park has to offer.


Oatley Park, Oatley Park Ave

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